Saturday, July 28, 2018

There’s an election happening in the University of Sydney branch of the NTEU! We hope you’ll vote for our team for the Executive Positions:

An experienced and effective team

We have a proven track record of working hard for the interests of NTEU members at the University of Sydney and getting results. This includes:
  • leading the negotiations for the University of Sydney’s sector-leading Enterprise Agreement;
  • involvement in all aspects of Branch activity, from representing members with individual workplace issues, to captaining picket lines and leading campaigns;
  • working productively with NTEU delegates and staff to increase the membership of the University of Sydney Branch, which is now the largest in the country.
We hope to keep working with you, our fellow members, to build a strong, independent, member-driven union – because we know that’s our best chance of making the university we want!

Our priorities

In the next two years, our priorities include working together with members to:

  • fight for secure work, by organizing effectively to contest casualization and redundancies;
  • improve staff participation in university governance, by working with members to establish Local Joint Consultative Committees and Academic Workload Committees;
  • grow and strengthen our union before our next round of Enterprise Bargaining by recruiting, organising and training new members in all parts of the University.

Find out more

Follow the links on the right to see our candidate statements, and to see our recommendations about how you should vote in the Branch Committee elections.